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I'll care for your garden
like I care for my own!

I guess it was inevitable.  I've always loved gardening.  It's so awesome to see the unique beauty that God has placed in each and every plant.  So, when I began changing career paths, it became clear that I was to use my horticultural passion and experience and put it all to work.  So, through 20+ years of experience and Master Gardener training, all of this has become Boardwalk Personal Gardening.  I hope you trust your flower beds and gardens to me!  


What do you do when you want to have someone take good care of your garden beds, but you're concerned about their abilities and knowledge and passion to work with your flowers & bushes well?  You have a new option:  Contact Joe at

Boardwalk Personal Gardening.  


Maybe you're a business owner who wants your critical street view to look its best to impress your customers.  Already have your plants in?  I will work with you to perform regular maintenance. 

You probably have better things to do with your time!

Perhaps you're a homeowner or realtor trying to sell a house.  I will work with you to improve the curb appeal so that it will sell more quickly.  Remember, curb appeal is what brings them in to see your home.

Joe Doenges


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Spring Start-up and Fall Clean-up