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Ready, set, GO!

READY: As the landscaping season ended last year (I was still working with clients into December on various outdoor decorations!), honestly, it was good to take a bit of a breather. Yet by mid-January, I was already looking at seed and plant catalogs along with my favorite one: David Austin roses. Well into March I was already walking my property to see where I could add another plant or two, or where I should divide/transfer some of my existing plants.

SET: And then something we have never experience broke loose: yes, the Corona virus. Everything ground to a halt. We started using terms like "social distancing" and "stay at home order" and the like. All non-essential businesses are closed. As much as I love what I do, it's non-essential. So are all of the suppliers that I use on a daily basis.

GO! So what's next for us? We wait. We pray. Just today. Gov. Whitmer extended the stay at home order to last until the end of April. But don't forget, we can still dream and visualize what our gardens are to look when this is all over. What a better way to come out of this situation by seeing new and colorful flowers in our garden beds, our storefronts, and our city. I am so looking forward to it! Let's work together and see how our plans are going to go. Take some pics of your favorite plant etc. and send them to me and I'll post them. It may be a plant that you already have and can't wait to see it come out of its sleep, or it'll be a pic of a new plant you'd like to install soon. Ready, set, let's GO! Peace ya'll, Joe

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